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Star Wars Han Solo 8000mAh Power Bank

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Do you demand POWER? Would you enjoy putting a tiny Han Solo, forever captured in carbonite, in your pocket? Well, this is the product for you.

We all know it’s a pain when your battery is running low on the go, so this convenient little device is the power bank of choice for the demands of the modern age: it carries 8000mAh of power which equates to up to two full charges for the average mobile device, and is designed to work with Bluetooth speakers, PlayStation controllers and almost any device that can be charged via USB, including the main brands of smartphone.

With an easy-to-carry design perfect for pockets and handbags, you can be sure that this officially licensed Power Bank will be as unobtrusive as anything.

Star Wars
Charakter Serien:
The Empire Strikes Back
Han Solo
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