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iMountZ 2 Sportscase for iPhone 5/5S/5c with Chest Mount - Grade A Refurb

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The iMountZ 2 Sportscase transforms your iPhone 5/5S/5c into an incredibly versatile sports camera.

The included chest mount enables you to capture extreme sports from a unique first-person perspective. Fully waterproof up to 3 metres, the iMountZ 2 is built to IP-68 Standard (the highest "International Protection" rating) so you can capture watersports or snowsports. It's the perfect way to stop melting snow and ice from getting into your device.

With the iMountZ 2 Sportscase you don't need any extra app for live videos, simply capture videos and photos on your smartphone camera, then share them over Wi-Fi or post them to social networking sites straight from your phone.

Shockproof and dirtproof, the iMountZ 2 is designed to withstand any wear and tear. Shockproof up to 1 metre, the case is made from a custom polycarbonate that can handle drops on all surfaces and edges. It also provides full protection from sand, smoke, dust, grit and mud. This impact and dirt resistance makes the mount perfect for capturing extreme sports. - A.D.

Please Note: The touch function does not work under the water! Users may download free Apps like "Camera Timer" to set the timer to take photos under the water.


  • iMountZ 2 Sportscase for iPhone 5/5S/5c
  • 3 metres waterproof IP-68 Standard protection rating
  • Perfect for recording videos of extreme sports
  • No extra apps needed
  • Made from a durable custom polycarbonate
  • Full protection from sand, dust, smoke, grit and mud
  • 1 metre shockproof
  • Chest mount included
  • Every case is tested for 30 minutes at 10 PSI
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