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Playmobil Pony Farm Birthday Party (70997)

EUR 23.49

23,49 €



Cool kids birthday party with mother and two children, ponies, gifts, balloons and many other accessories.

What could be better than a birthday party at the Playmobil pony farm? This is a great way to spend the big day together with friends and the favourite ponies. To celebrate, there are delicious cupcakes and the table next to the paddock is already festively set. The ponies curiously look over the fence to see what's on offer. After unwrapping the presents, it's off to the pony rides, of course.

The playset contains three Playmobil figures, two ponies, a mole, two squirrels, three fence elements, a tree, three tree stumps as seats, presents and many other lovely extras for great birthday parties on the pony farm.


  • Figures:
    • 1 woman
    • 1 girl
    • 1 boy
  • Animals:
    • 2 ponies
    • 2 squirrels
  • Accessories:
    • 3 fence elements
    • 1 table
    • 3 tree stump chairs
    • 2 presents
    • 1 tree
    • 1 decoration element
    • 3 balloons
    • 3 drinks
    • 1 cake
    • 1 carafe
    • 1 basket
    • 3 cupcakes
    • 2 donuts
    • 2 children's helmets
  • Country
  • 81
Charakter Serien:
  • Country
  • Playmobil
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