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After Dinner Trivia Kartenspiel

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This fabulous tin of after dinner trivia is the ideal gift for any trivia fanatic! the fantastic after dinner game contains 1,200 questions on utterly Trivial trivia on absolutely anything and everything! there are questions for everyone with topics on popular culture, general knowledge, multiple choice, odd facts, tongue twisters and specials! each question card contains six questions, one on each topic. Examples of questions include: ‘which of these fruits has the highest number of calories per ounce: apple, banana, melon?’, ‘the film the wizard of oz opens in which us state’ and ‘by what name is this principle better known: anything that can go wrong will go wrong?’.

The specials category is a question about your fellow players; ‘what was the favourite subject at school of the person on your left?’ and for added entertainment there are the tongue twisters ‘repeat this phrase five times as fast as you can: willy’s wooden whistle’! first the players create score cards, marking one to six to correspond with the category order on the question cards. The players then take it in turns to be the question master and the first player rolls the die to see which of the six questions on the card they should be asked. If the question is answered correctly, the player puts a tick against that number on their sheet. The game stops when one player has a tick against every number on his score sheet and the winner is the player with the most ticks. The fast moving after dinner trivia game is quick to play, easy to set up and makes the perfect dinner party entertainment. The game is ideal for 2 or more players and suitable for ages 8 to adult.

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