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Legend Of Zelda I Am Zelda Sweatshirt - Black

EUR 30.49

30,49 €

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. Often the target for Ganon to assert his power over Hyrule, which leads the hero Link to rescue the Princess. Over time, she becomes much more than a damsel in distress and protects her Kingdom.

This fantastic Legend Of Zelda I Am Zelda Sweatshirt is a unique design, only available on our site.

A creation of the highest quality, this product was developed for us and boasts prominent printing on a Black pullover.

Every item of our specially designed clothing collection has been responsibly sourced. So you can count on all of your purchases being responsibly sourced and meeting top standards.

  • Pure Cotton Garment
  • Approved for Washing Machines
  • Please see label for instructions on tumble dryer use
  • Heavy Weight Material

Our sweats are suitable for males and females of all body types. If you prefer an easier fit, please order a size up.

The Legend of Zelda is considered to be among the greatest video games of all time. Let Zavvi's range evoke you of that great feeling of adventure in joining Link on his journey to find all pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom in order to save Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule from Ganondorf.

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