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Shape Your Own Neon Lights (Battery Powered)

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So, your shower-singing hasn’t quite brought you the fame you crave. Neither has liking all of your favourite actor’s Instagram posts. But, it’s OK… you still stand a chance to see your name in neon, and it’s all thanks to this Shape Your Own Neon Lights kit!

This kit includes everything you need to make your very own neon-effect light. In the box, you get 10 feet of neon-effect blue wire and a battery pack, bendable metal wire, cable ties, and safety scissors! To make the light, you just need to draw your design, shape the metal wire to match, attach the neon wire to it with the cable ties, hang it up, and enjoy!

Oh, and this new version of the Shape Your Own Neon Lights features 3 light modes, letting you change your light to suit your mood. You can have the neon-effect wire on constantly, or set it to either slow flash or fast flash, letting it blink as fast as you do when the wind blows a bit of grit in your eye.

All you need to power this neon light is 2 AA batteries, making it totally portable. So, set it up wherever you like and have the world see your words in bright, blinking, brilliance! Order your Multifunction Shape Your Own Neon Light today!

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