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The Pha-Zaire from Final Touch will improve the flavour and aroma of red wines, giving it more body and character. With a range of components, the Pha-Zaire transports the wine through different phases to ensure the end result is bursting with taste and scent.

The process begins by pouring the wine through the stainless steel filter, which catches sediment then disperses through into the first of the double wall flavour and scent enhancers. The wine is then gently dispersed again into the sides of globe which provides a new aeration process, before continuing into the final enhancer. It finally rests in the decanter, after going through a superior aeration and oxygenation process. - L.M.


  • Pha-Zaire from Final Touch
  • Improves the taste and aroma of red wine
  • Multiple phases of aeration through different components


  • 1 x glass decanter
  • 1 x double wall glass aerator
  • 1 x stainless steel sediment filter
  • Final Touch
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