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Häschen Lampe
Häschen Lampe
Häschen Lampe
Häschen Lampe
Häschen Lampe

Häschen Lampe

EUR 46.49

UVP: 71,49 €

46,49 €

Spare: 25,00 €


  • Beschreibung

    This cute bunny shaped lamp has a white LED bulb where its fluffy tail should be. Inspired by vintage cotton wool dispensers, instead of having a hole for cotton wool balls there's a spherical LED light. Place this little rabbit on your desk or have it as a bedside lamp and it'll emit a white glow to brighten up any room.

    Housing a USB powered light source, the bulb stays cool to touch so you won't burn yourself if you happen to touch it, and it can be charged via a USB port with the included USB/mains adapter. This Bunny Shaped Lamp is a stylish addition to any room of the house. - A.D.   


    • Ceramic Bunny Shaped Lamp
    • USB Powered Lamp
    • Tail lights up
    • LED lights and USB Cable
    • Universal adapter included


    • Dimensions: 107 x 170 x 175mm
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    Suck UK
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