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Hover-1 Rival Hoverboard Blue

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Introducing the Hover-1 Rival, which comes standard with ultrabright LED headlights to illuminate your path ahead & really cool multi-coloured LED wheels to really stand out from the crowd. A 10 cell Lithium-ion battery will power you up hills with inclines of 8 degrees, achieving top speeds of 7mph and a max distance of 3 miles on just one charge for plenty of fun with family and friends on your Rival!

Hover-1 Rival Hoverboard:

  • Ultrabright LED headlights
  • Multi-coloured LED wheels
  • Top speed 7mph
  • Max range 3 miles
  • Sports bodywork
  • 6.5" rubber wheels
  • Battery life indicator
  • Non-Slip footpads

Box contents:

  • 1x Rival Hoverboard
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
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