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The Couples Quiz

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A couples game with a twist. How well do you really know your other half? In this hilarious game, couples battle it out to find out who knows each other best and who will face the forfeit!

The aim of the game is to find out who is the strongest couple but also which partner, within each couple, is the most knowledgeable! However, there is a twist; at the beginning of the game, players choose forfeits to be completed by the losing players at the end of each round such as: 'losing partner to do laundry for a week' Or 'losing couple to buy the next round'.

Choose the host, this player is in charge of keeping score, reading out the questions and revealing the answers at the end of each round. The host can still play the game. Split the deck of cards into round 1, 2 and 3. Give each player an answer sheet and place bets against each other.
how to play

The host picks a Card and reads out the questions one at a time. Players write their own answers in the 'your answer' Section of the sheet and what they think their partner will answer in the 'your partner's' Section of the answer sheet.
round 2 is meant for each other? In this round the couples are asked yes/no questions to test how compatible They are. Couples should be back to back for this round. One couple plays at a time. Partners are both given a Card with 'yes' And 'no' Written on either side and must reply to each question immediately. Once the first couple has answered 10 questions, the next couple should take their place sitting back to back and answer a different set of 10 questions. At the end of this round the host announces the winning couple. The losing couples(s) will carry out the agreed forfeit. scoring

Round 1 - each time 'player a' Guesses the answer of 'player B' Correctly, one point is awarded to 'player a'. At the end of the round, partners' Scores are added together to make the couples total score.

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