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Elf Trivia Quiz

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Test your Elf knowledge with this officially licensed Elf Trivia Quiz. How much do you know about this award-winning movie that is often listed among the greatest Christmas films of all time?

Do you know what the cotton balls that Buddy eats in the doctor's office were actually made of?  Maybe you know the year the movie premiered as a Broadway musical? With 100 quiz questions to answer, you can amaze your friends and your family with your Elf knowledge, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

With a euro hook slot, the box contains everything needed to play the game along with full gameplay instructions. Compact and lightweight the Elf Trivia Quiz is perfect for playing on a long journey, or maybe get your family and friends together, watch the movie and then play the quiz to enjoy some quality, fun time together.

  • Elf
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