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Is there anything better than the combination of a rainy day, your sofa, something to munch on and a DVD?  Slankets are probably the only thing that could make this scenario a tiny bit more perfect than it already is - The ingenious addition of sleeves to cosy snuggly blanket.

At an impressive 60 x 95 inches, it's perfect for snugglers of every height and size. Just think - no longer will you have to worry about feeling the cold when you need a cup of tea in the ad break, just pop to the kitchen in total warmth and flop back down on the sofa once again, with no spills as you have full use of your arms all the while.

No matter how up and at 'em you think you are, you'll always need the occasional sofa-day, so why not make it as relaxing and lazy as possible with a Slanket?


  • Slankets are blankets with sleeves, perfect for sofa-days.
  • Available in: Chocolate, Ruby, Lavender and Dark Blue.
  • Made of 100% fleecey polyester.
  • Machine washable.
  • Suitable for ages 12 years +.


  • 60 x 95 inches.
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