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Jelly Belly Money Box

EUR 17.99

17,99 €



Jelly Beans are, traditionally, rather diminutive sweeties, designed for consumption in bulk. Or so we thought. It seems that our world has been well and truly turned upside down by this giant Jelly Belly Moneybox, a huge jelly bean that you can keep your change in. Because Jelly Belly jelly beans are pretty much the bestest jelly beans in the world, you can be pretty sure that their money boxes are going to be ace as well. Although they might not taste as nice. In fact, I just gave it a little lick and no, they don't taste all that great (note to self: it's not necessary to give all products a taste test).

Anyway, unwise culinary choices aside, this is the ideal place to keep your sweetie money safe. Just save it up, take the plug out of the bottom and spend it periodically on Jelly Belly jelly beans! Well, what else were you going to spend it on?


  • A comically large jelly bean money box.
  • Emblazoned with the Jelly Belly emblem.
  • Plug on base to enable you empty the box of coins.
  • Grippy pads on the base to stop it slipping.
  • Do not eat. Trust us.
  • Available in red or pink.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years +.


  • H: 12.1 W: 7 D: 2 cm.
  • Jelly Belly
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