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Morphsuits Kids Alien

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Morphsuits for kids are now here! The sweeping craze has reached fever pitch with adult and kids versions now widely available in an array of designs. The kids Morphsuits are ideal for fancy dress or Halloween.

Covering the body head to toe, the Morphsuit has a zip at the back and finishes at the top of the head for easy access in and out of the suit. It is a fully breathable suit, so although the body will be fully covered there will be no difficulty in breathing, or even drinking.

The Morphsuit is specially designed to allow these functions, to make wearing it practical and safe. Another feature is that the wearer can see out but nobody can see in - a way to disguise yourself further!

We're sure the kids will love running around disguised as a character and channelling their inner superhero! - R.K.


  • Breathe, see and even drink through a Morphsuit!
  • Unisex
  • Made from 100% Lycra
  • Durable - can be worn be worn over and over
  • Machine washable (do not bleach or iron)
  • Check out our range of Morphsuits Kids' designs
  • Also available in adult sizes

Size Guide:

What size of Morphsuit do I need?
As Morphsuits are made of stretchy Spandex, one size should pretty much fit all but for the perfect fit please follow this simple guide:

  • Age 6-8: If you are smaller than 3'10" but taller than 3'4" (102-118cm) choose Small
    Age 8-10: If you are smaller than 4'5" but taller than 3'11" (119-136cm) choose Medium
    Age 10-12: If you are less than 5' but taller that 4'6" (137-145cm) choose Large
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