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Urbanears Stammen Wireless Multi-Room Speaker - Vinyl Black

EUR 57.99

UVP: 337,99 €

57,99 €

Spare: 280,00 €

However you play, this speaker is up for it. Stream from the cloud or hook up the turntable. Save your favourite playlists as presets. Play solo, play multi. Just give the knob a push and fill the room with your kind of sound. Baggen and Stammen share the same set of skills, but perform best in different kinds of spaces. Stammen easily fills small to mid-sized areas, and Baggen entertains the largest of rooms.

CONNECTIVITY - These might very well be the best wireless speakers out there, 'cause they let you play your music however you want. Tune to your favourite music streaming services, use them as Bluetooth speakers, or grab an AUX cord and hook up the turntable.

PRESETS - Save up to 7 of your favourite internet radio stations and Spotify speaker playlists so they're ready for instant play. Keep a range of moods on standby and pep up or chill down your space at the push of a knob.

MULTI-ROOM - Play alone or together? You've got options. Combine two or more speakers to form a multi-room audio system and create a customised soundscape in your favourite space. Set a different mood in each room or set all your speakers to Multi Mode for a synchronised play-date.

REAL KNOBS - These wireless speakers let you navigate your music the new-old fashioned way. Twist the knob to adjust volume, or click, click, click your way through different presets. A simple push sets things into play. Leave the app twiddling alone for a while.

SOUND - Packed with a thoughtful anatomy and a brain for technology, these wireless speakers fill your space with an uncompromising experience in sound. Whether you're playing solo or multi-room audio. Enjoy everything from high resolution digital audio to the rich analogue sounds of a vinyl player. Use the in-app equaliser to find your listening sweet-spot.

COLOURS - These fabric-wrapped, wireless speakers fit in with your space and play along with your own tastes. Pick from six different colours, from quiet neutrals to stand-out louds. And watch out for trend-inspired editions too-you just might find the best piece of art you've ever seen, or heard.

  • Stammen Specification
  • Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 142 mm / 
  • SPL Frequency Range: 50Hz-20kHz ±3dB
  • Amplifiers: 3 Class-D
  • Drivers: Two 3/4˝ full-range tweeters One 4˝ Sub-Woofer
  • Maximum Power: 36W

Box Contains
1 x Stammen, Urbanears Connected Speaker 1 x Power cord 1 x Quick Start Guide, Legal and Safety, Spotify Leaflet

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